Himalayan Salt Tea-light Holders       $10.00
Benefits of Rock Salt Tea Lights:
 Our tea-light holders will beautify any room.  Salt tea-light holders also can be used in the home as an ionic air purifier, reducing electromagnetic pollution and helping those people with asthma and upper respiratory problems.  They are also ideal as natural mood elevators.
The salt crystal tea-light holders bind the negative ions with excess positive ions(produced by electrical appliances and computers.  When the lamps become warm, they absorb moisture and the surface crystals become damp.  This builds up the ion field.  Placed by a computer, it will help neutralize the electromagnetic pollution emitted by computers and office equipment. Salt lamps improve your concentration and  enhance your environment. 

   Note:  will leave a ring if placed in humid locations.                                                                                                                                          
God's Hands
Beautifully constructed.  Approx 2" x 3"     $15.00 ea

We also have larger God's hands. Approx 3 x 4 x 1" high  $17.99 ea                                                                                                         
PENDULUMS A pendulum is an intuitive extension of yourself.  First relax, then by asking a clear question, you open a "channel" of communication and receive the information you seek; your body amplifies that signal and displays it through your pendulum.
NATIVE CARVING STARTER KIT  Experience the art of stone carving.  
Includes:   1 piece 3" x 3" x 3/4" soapstone
                1 coarse metal file or riffler
                3 grades wet/dry sandpaper
                easy to use directions                                                 $10.00 ea                                                         
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Gargoyles were created by medieval architects and stone carvers to function as waterspouts, directing water away from a building. When constructed on churches they were the guardians of the church and  kept the evil spirits away (along with the rain).  

The word Gargoyle is derived from the French word gargouille, which means throat which would have made the gargling sound in a rainstorm.
GAR-02       $45.00
This gargoyle is made of composite stone.  
He stands about 7-1/2" x 5-1/2" 
Also in concrete     
Makes an excellent bookend.   SOLD OUT
This little fella has quite a stature for such a little guy.  He measures 6" high by 3" wide, and seems to be thinking about the troubles of the world.    Made of composite stone   Price  $55.00               
The body of this gargoyle measures 15"(38cm) high.  The wing span is 20" (60cm) and the tip of the wing to the floor  is about 18-1/2 inches (47cm).  Made of concrete.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Price $140.00
We have an assortment of stone and metal pendulums
Totem Stones      $5.00 ea    (Includes a free velvet pouch)                                                                                                      The semi-precious stones and their carved figures have been used as symbols of power and expression for ages.  Carry the stone and let the magical talisman of your choice work for you.   

The singing bowl is composed of an alloy of various metals. 

Previously used in Tibet for meditation and ceremonial purposes, singing bowls are struck with a padded mallet or rubbed around the rim with a wooden playing mallet under constant pressure to produce a blend of harmonic resonance and rich overtones.  

The rich harmonic sound from these singing bowls can induce deep relaxation, stress reduction and can support chakra balancing and meditation.  

When singing the bowl, if it rattles try to slow down and apply more constant pressure.
                                                PRICES VARY
Unique Gifts  
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Items for the body, mind and spirit
We are open: Tues-Fri 11:00-6:00  Sat 11:00-5:00
           Closed: Sunday and Monday
Buddhism started with the Buddha.  The word 'Buddha' is a title, which means 'one who is awake'  or 'the enlightened one'. The Buddha was born as Siddhartha Gautama in India around 2,500 years ago.  He did not claim to be a god or prophet.  He was a human being who became enlightened, understanding life in the deepest way possible.
We have laughing buddhas and meditation buddhas.  Sizes and prices vary.
Our singing bowls vary in size and appearance.  Prices Vary.

You Deserve an Angel in your corner!  These Angels love to sit on door frames, mirrors, picture frames, book cases, monitors or any other edge where they fit.

The Angel of Courage can be mounted over edges and also has a hanger so she can be hung on walls or flat surfaces.  For a more secure fit, use double-sided foam tape on the top and inner edges of the piece.                             $17.50
Soapstone Buddha (The colour of soapstone varies with each buddha)     
7" high (17.78cm high)
Wooden Buddha            $19.99
(not exactly as pictured, as each wooden carving is unique).  
6" high (15.24cm) 

You deserve an Angel in your corner!  Fits on door frames, mirrors, picture frames, book cases, monitors and more. 

To attach the angel secure in place, use a doulesided foam mounting tape on the inside edges of the Angel.        $14.95   SOLD OUT
May the presence of the Angels surround your life today, bringing gifts of gentle healing and hope along the way
FRIENDS FOR LIFE BUDDHAS                 $14.00 ea.

These little Buddhas are made in Canada from gypsum  2.5" high (6.35cm high)

They include:  Peace buddha,  Lotus Buddha (Not shown),  Earth Touching Buddha, Healing Buddha,  OM Buddha,  Prosperity Buddha,  Meditating Buddha,  Chakra Buddha
5" Soapstone Buddha - $13.75