Clarsach (The Celtic Harp)$19.99
By Jennifer White.  
From the time of the ancient celts, the clarsach has sung the lives of her people...


Liquid Mind III - Balance$19.95    sold out
by Real Music
Recommended for Yoga and Massage.This peaceful electronic music is designed to help you relax deeply, during meditation, rest, or in times of stress.

Into Silence    $22.50
By Deva Premal
Slip into the soothing space of silence with Deva Premal

The Essence$17.95
By Deva Premal

dakshina$18.95  sold out
By Deva Premal
With her transcendent voice layered in a chorus of lush harmonies, deva premal expresses the ancient wisdom of mantra.  Dakshina is a celebration of the divine, perfect for yoga and relaxation.

Deva Premal sings the MOOLA MANTRA     $18.95    sold out
by Deva Premal

Music for Yoga   20.95   
By Steven Halpern
Millions of people are discovering yoga as a path to help them achieve physical and spiritual balance.  This music can help you in the same way--to reduce stress, enchance relaxation, and experience inner peace and harmony.  These selections feature keyboards, flute...and subtle flow attuned to the rhythm of a long, yogic breath.  

Music for Sound Healing       $17.95   sold out
by Steven Halpern
The fundamental principle of sound healing recognizes that the body heals itself, and does so most effectively in a state of relaxation.  Using music to achieve meaningful relaxation is one of the most effective and enjoyable strategies.  The luminous sound quality of the electric and grand piano, flute and harp transports you effortlessly to an oasis of calm, balance and inner peace that is ideal for healing, meditation, massage and yoga.

Peace of Mind               $17.95    sold out
By Steven Halpern
"Peace of mind" makes it easy to 'get in the gap' the space between the notes and between thoughts.  Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer elegantly describe is as a space of pure potential and connection to the divine.  This cd is a must-have for all Halpern fans, piano lovers, and anyone who seeks to nurture body, mind and spirit with the healing power of sound.

Chakra Suite        $17.95    sold out
by Steven Halpern
Balancing the seven chakras (vital energy centers) is a fundamental key to helping you achieve and maintain optimal health and spiritual well-being.  Each chakra has a specific vibrational frequency that is automatically resonated by the ascending keynotes of the landmark composition.  Within moments, you'll be feeling more relaxed and at peace.  Stress and tension melt away with each breath.

Celebrate Peace      $19.95   
By Snatam Kaur
Peace Cereal, Spirit Voyage, and Snatam Kaur are committed to promoting the transformative power of peace.  This album is part of the Celebrate Peace program, which spreads a hopeful message and cultivates the practice of peace.

Anand             $19.95   sold out
by Snatam Kaur
Breath my love, breathe my love,
Breathe in the quiet center.

Empty Sky             $17.95    sold out
The gift that Deuter gives us in Empty Sky is space.  A space that invites you in.  Being received and bathed in sounds that envelope you in a soothing atmosphere making you feel in harmony with the whole ~~ Honey Harris, KBAC Radio
Ideal for Healing Arts, Yoga, Massage, Meditation and Relaxation.

Earth Blue        $17.95    sold out
Deuter's soulful flute and enchanting, layered melodies invite you to awaken into a wonderful world of inner silence and vital meditation.  

Mystery of Light      $24.75  
Soothing melodies, played on an array of instruments that span both time and distance, envelop and transport the listener to a universe of sonic environments.  Instruments:  flutes, recorder, guitar, violin, cello, violadagamba, piano, keyboards, synthesizer, santur and drums.

Celestial Yoga                 $17.95   sold out
Jonathan Goldman
Celestial Yoga is a joy and blessing to listen to.  Bring the soothing and healing vibration into your house, your healing space and into your heart.  

Celestial Reiki                $17.95   sold out
Jonathan Goldman and Laraaji
Together Goldman and Laraaji have created an offering perfect for Reiki work, yoga, massage, or any kind of healing meditation, or guided visualization.

Rainforest$14.95    sold out
By Sounds of the Earth
Pure nature, no voices or music added.  Sometimes that's all we need.

Music for the Mozart Effect
Morning Noon and Night - Music for Yoga$16.95
compiled and sequenced by Don Campbell
East meets West in this unique union of two of the world's great cultural gifts.

Gentle Music for Massage (Vol 3)   $15.95  sold out
by Max Highstein
The Title says it all.   
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