Throughout antiquity, gemstones have been worn as a talisman, valued for their healing properties and endowed with spiritual values.  Belief in the supernatural properties of precious stones goes back beyond recorded history.
     From the beginning of the human race, we humans have been fascinated by crystals and semi-precious stones... and their uses have been studied over time.  The art of healing with crystals is thousands of years old.  Some of the earliest reports of crystals and their healing properties date as far back as the fourth millennium before Christ.
Our Stones 
We have over 80 different kinds of tumbled and rough stones, and that's not counting our clusters and geodes. The descriptions of the stones on our "Gemstone Properties" page is just the tip of the iceberg.  There is more to each stone, but space doesn't allow for it.  A good source for information on these stone and others is "The Crystal Bible" by Judi Hall.  
Crystal healing - does it really work?
The absolutely honest answer to that is I don't know.  There have been no scientific double blind tests conducted that affirm that crystal healing works.  The general belief is that if you BELIEVE that crystals can heal you, they will heal you.  That belief creates some problems for me.  What if I believe completely that a crystal will heal my headache, and I apply it properly, and after a couple of hours my headache is still there, or has gotten worse (as my headaches usually do unless I take a Tylenol to nip it in the bud) what does this mean?  Did I not believe enough?  Does crystal healing really not work?  What about my friend that had a headache, used the same kind of crystal and headache was gone in minutes.  Did she believe more than I did?  Did the crystal vibrate to her vibrations better than my crystal did to my vibes?
From various sources of information that I have read over time, crystal healing is an uncertain "science".  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.  Does its working depend on selecting the "right" crystal?  Is it only based on luck and belief? Is there more to it than that? I don't know.

What I do know, is that I like crystals.  They're beautiful to look at, the tumbled stones are soothing to hold, I hold up the clear ones to the light and see all kinds of rainbows in them.  When I study my crystal, I am totally in the Now.  I was wearing a rose quartz pendant when I met my true love.  My citrine in my cash box is slowly (oh so slowly) bringing me prosperity, I think.  The fluorite, labradorite and moss agate that I held did not cure my cold or relieve my symptoms, but the Tylenol night time cold and flu tablet helped me sleep.  Or maybe they worked together to give me relief.
Finding the right stone is probably a hit and miss thing.  Don't give up at the first sign of disappointment, but don't go nuts and spend a fortune on crystals.  If they consistently don't bring relief to whatever ails you, then maybe crystals are not for you.
When someone asks me if I believe in the healing powers of crystals, I say yes and no.  I have no absolute proof that they work, and yet I have no absolute proof that they don't work, in my own experience anyway.  So I will carry a clear quartz when my chakras need balancing, I will put an amethyst (or in my case a moonstone) under my pillow when I need a good night's sleep, I will carry a smokey quartz when I'm in a sad mood, and I will carry a rose quartz when I'm not feeling particularly loving.  I will carry these stones in the expectation that their vibration will gently adjust my vibration, and if they do--great!
Tumbled Gemstones
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We'd love to hear from you.  Please send an email to telling us of your experience with your crystals and stones, whether they helped or not.  Because crystal healing is such an iffy thing, sometimes they work in the most unexpected way, so we'd like to hear all about them.  Put Crystals in your subject line so that we know that this isn't junk mail.
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