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Obligatory Disclaimer:  All service providers, spiritual advisers, healers etc listed on our bulletin board and on our website are independant contractors and are not employed by Moonstone Path.  While we are happy to supply these links, the responsibility lies with you to ensure the soundness of the provider and the service.  


We are spiritual beings living in human form.  The unfolding of our lives is our work.  Life presents us with many choices.  Threading our way through these choices can be challenging.  A reading can help.  I use divination by itself and as a tool for spiritual mentoring.  Readings range from 3 cards or Runes to full sessions using a traditional Celtic Cross, Phases of the Moon, Planes of Stability spreads and others.  Sliding scale fees re available.  
Read Sophia Heath's blog at http://sophiaheath.livejournal.com/  
For more information about SophiaHeath or to book a reading or session contact SophiaHeath at sophiaheathwodin@gmail.com
Emergence, Your guide to conscious living presents 28 days to Discover Your Authentic Self.
The 28 day soul journey is dedicated to an in-depth de-cluttering of the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of your life.  The detoxifying six-week course utilizing the elemental energies of air, water, fire and earth is an intensive and loving deep dive into:  YOU, your beliefs around money, relationships, your body, career, spirituality, value and your thoughts.  
For more information call Di Riseborough 519-719-9240 or go to www.diriseborough.com
Kate J. Phillips, M.L.I.S.                          Reiki Master Teacher.  by appointment only 519-652-2501 or 519-317-7907
www.wimp.com                       Cute website featuring videos that are interesting, funny, informative and family friendly.

www.bellchamber.net     Custom Goldsmiths and Silversmiths.  Appraisals - Repairs - Design.   Their jewellery incorporate     styles of Knotwork, Spirals and Ancient zoomorphic (animal) patterns from different Celtic                            artifacts throughout Art History.  Visit their gorgeous and informative website.  
We are open: Tues-Fri 11:00-6:00  Sat 11:00-5:00
           Closed: Sunday and Monday
Melanie Huestis is a Reiki Master Teacher.  Check out her great website.  She is also a Medium and an Intuitive Energy Healer.
Laurie St. Pierre, Certified Life Coach  519-854-8541.    email: laurie@lifenavigator.ca
Music intended to Grow Light and Love Through Reflection.  Proudly recorded in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.