Tumbled Gemstones and their properties 

African Turquoise:  Master healer of physical, mental and spiritual body.   $4.00
Amethyst:  Anxiety, overcomes addictions.$2.00
Amazonite:  Helps us manifest our dreams and hopes.   $2.00
Angelite:    Spiritual guidance$3.50  
Apache Tears:  Overcoming grief $1.50
Apatite (Blue):  Promotes a humanitarian attitude   $2.00  
Aquamarine:  Peace, calms emotions.  Good for travelling.$2.50
Aragonite:  Strengthens one's connection with the earth.  $4.00
Banded Agate:   Good luck.  General protection stone.$1.00
Bloodstone:  Self-confidence, Strength.  Physical healing. $2.00
Blue Kyanite:  Balances energies and clears energy blocks.  $2.00 
Blue Lace Agate:  Peace, happiness, relieves stress.   $2.00
Blue (Rainbow) Moonstone:  Stone of new beginnings.   $3.00
Blue Tiger-eye:  Protects from Evil Eye.  Brings luck. $2.00
Botswana Agate:  Encourages one to find solutions instead of focusing on the problem.  $1.00
Brecciated Jasper: Mental clarity, positive outlook. $1.50
Calcite:  All Calcites have gentle healing properties, good for sensitive individuals.  $1.00
Carnelian:  Courage and will power.  Energy booster.  $1.50
Celestite:  Has the ability to reduce pain with loving angelic light.   $5.00
Charoite:  Spiritual growth and insight, stimulates intuitive and psychic abilities.   $7.00
Chevron Amethyst:  Helps us see things as they really are.   $1.00
Chiastolite:  Clears guilt and stabilizes emotions.   $6.00
Chrysocolla:  Helps accept change, invokes inner strength.   $5.00
Citrine:  Attracts prosperity. It dissipates negative energy. $2.00
Clear Quartz:   Master healer. Balances chakras.$2.00
Desert Rose:  Finding your purpose.     $2.00
Dendritic Agate:  Helps one remain centered during times of confusion.  $2.00
Dragon's Blood Jasper:  Stone of strength and courage.   $1.50
Dumorteirite:   Calms the nerves.  Encourages tolerance.$1.50
Emerald:  Helps us enjoy life to the fullest.  Promotes love and compassion in all relationships.   $3.00
Fluorite - Green:  Hormone balance. $3.00
Fluorite – Purple Rainbow:  Helps one get out of ruts. $3.00
Galaxite:  Helpful for stress related illnesses.   $2.00
Garnet:  Confidence and energy. $4.00
Gold Tiger’s eye:  Lifting depression. Also good for public speaking. Luck $1.75
Green Aventurine:  Physical healing.  Good luck stone. Attracts prosperity.    $2.00
Green Moss Agate:  Brings health, friends and riches. $1.50
Hematite: Very grounding.  Prevents negativity from entering the aura. $1.50
Howlite:  Encourages selflessness.  Relieves anxiety and tension.   $1.00
Hypersthene:  Especially helpful for an overactive mind.   $5.00
 Jade:  Stone of wisdom, peace, luck and protection.$3.00
Jet:  Wards off evil, negativity as well as psychic attacks.  $4.00
Labradorite:  A very mystical stone.  Promoted phychic abilities.$2.50
Lapis:  Aids creative expression. Cleanses spirit and brings out inner truth.$1.50
Leopardskin Jasper:  Harmonizes man with animals. $2.50
Lepidolite:  Contains lithium which helps with depression.   Helps with ADHD & PTSD.   $2.50
Malachite:  Emotional healing.  Protects from psychic attack.$6.00
Merlinite:  A stone that lets us bring magic into our lives.   $3.00
Moonstone:  Balances yin/yang.  Good for PMS. Accesses ancient wisdom.$1.00
Ngumi Jasper:  Powerful in helping us adapt to big changes.   $2.50
Nuummite:  One of the oldest minerals on earth.  Known as Sorcerer's stone.   $5.00
Obsidian (black):  Helps keep your space free from negativity.   $2.00
Onyx (Black):  Aids in releasing grief and sorrow.  Helps you make wise decisions.   $2.00
Opalite (man made):  Most useful for healing by colour therapy.   $3.00
Peacock Ore:  Reminds us that life is truly joyful.  $3.50
Petrified Wood:  Past life regression.  Useful in calming survival based fears.   $1.00
Prehnite:  Increases the ability for prophesy.  Helps connect to our spirit guides.   $2.00
Picasso Stone:   Stone of creativity.  Attracts like-minded people.   $2.00
Picture Jasper:  Gives the ability to see the bigger picture and to move forward with confidence.   $1.00
Pyrite:  It removes mental blocks and reduces anxiety. Good stone when writing exam.   $3.00
Red Aventurine:  Diffuses negativity.   $2.00
Red Jasper:  Strength and courage.  Perseverance. Eases pain of childbirth.    $1.00
Red Tigereye:  Overcomes lethargy.  Helps instill passion and positive outlook.    $1.50
Rose Quartz:  Stone of unconditional love. $2.00
Rhodonite:  Emotional support and love. $3.00
Rhodocrosite:  Stone of  compassion and forgiveness $3.00
Rhyolite:  Eliminates procrastination and distraction thus helping to get things done.   $3.00
Ruby in Zoisite:  Emotional healing.  Restores vitality when feeling tired.   $5.00
Rutilated Quartz:  Illuminator of the soul.  Eases depression.$2.50
Selenite:  Bringer of light.  finds and clears blocked energy.  $3.00
Seraphinite:  Promotes living from the heart.   $5.00
Serpentine:  Helps with meditation. $3.00 and $4.00
Shungite:  Shields the body from electromagnetic emissions.   Detoxifies the body.   $4.00
Smokey Quartz:  Stone of endurance. Reduces stress.$1.50
Snowflake Obsidian: Protects from nightmares.  Releases anger.$2.00
Sodalite:  Inner peace. Purifies aura, good for meditation.$2.00
Stromatolite:  Good for past life meditation.  Relieves physical and emotional stress.    $4.00    
Sunstone:  Strong protection stone from destructive psychic forces$2.00
Tektite:   Formed when meteorites impact the earth.  Helps strengthen one's energy field.   $5.00
Tourmaline (Black): Protection. $2.00
Turritella:  Good stone to use when focusing on healing the planet. $2.00
Unakite:  Helps you see beauty in life.  Stone of harmonious relationships $1.00
Worry Stones:  Calming   $4.00

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